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What Are You Learning?

Hi King Road Church,

Over the past two months, I have found so much joy in being back in the gym coaching volleyball. Watching athletes compete and develop their physical talent, as well as providing a structure to shape their personal and spiritual growth fills my personal bucket.

Though we experienced a postponed season, we were growing in our anticipation of playing our first scrimmage this Wednesday evening, Nov. 11. Then, as with many times over the past few months, we learned of new restrictions which led us to cancel this week and next week’s scrimmages, as well as reduce how we run our practices. Crushing, not only for the guys on our team but also for myself.

What I am learning is that during this time, and really in life, obstacles are a reality that we need to learn how to address. We need to understand best practices of how to deal with them and use them as opportunities…I know, easier said than done.

In light of this, I was reminded of 5 “obstacle” principles that have been shared with our AIA staff team over the past few months. I can’t take credit for them, but am happy to share them with you.

In the face of obstacles, I have learned to:

1) Lean – on scriptures and prayer, grounding who I am in God and His word.

2) Look – to the Holy Spirit for guidance instead of relying on my own abilities

3) Lead – out and into the bubbles of those around me, instead of sitting passively on the outside.

4) Love – those around me regardless of differing opinions or actions.

5) Leave – the results to God.

As you read through this list, is there any item that stands out to you? I would love to hear your thoughts on how this list could apply to your life, or other things you may have been learning over the past few months. Send me a reply with your thoughts.

I appreciate each and every one of you and am grateful for my AIA support team. Stay tuned for my second annual (can I call it annual after two years?) book giveaway at the end of the month.

In Christ,

Jason Warkentin
AIA Volleyball Staff  |  ATHLETES IN ACTION

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