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Wee College Graduation

The year 2018/19 has been another great year! We have experienced 21 weeks of Bible packed teaching and singing with 32 children in three age groups. Graduation will be an opportunity for the children to bring glory to God by showing some of what they have learned. Everyone is invited – the Graduation is on Thursday, March 14, from 6:30-8:30pm. Refreshments will be served after the program. Come and join the celebration!

One of the greatest benefits of  Wee College is that it provides a framework for families to instill Bible verses and principles into their children.

We are looking for more volunteers who want to join us in this ministry of teaching kids to value God’s Word! Contact Elfriede Doerksen if you want to be a part of this!

Registration for 2019-20 is now open for current Wee College families and registration forms can be dropped off at the church office. New families will be considered for registration starting May 1. First year is for age 4 (born in 2015), Second year is for age 5 (born in 2014), Third year is for age 6 (born in 2013).

For more details about what happens at Wee College, click here.

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