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The Merry Men

TREK Week 2 is going great! Robin Hood and the “Merry Men” (campers and staff) are enjoying some beautiful weather and the joys of living in community, as well as learning from the challenges.

Some of the biggest challenges of the week have been staff who are there for their second week in a row feeling tired, the intense heat, mosquitoes, and a few campers who are dealing with emotional difficulties. Please pray for fresh energy and joy for those who are getting tired, and for campers to feel the overwhelming, life-changing love of God!

Monday and Tuesday were very hot, humid days. As kitchen staff, we gathered for a devotional and prayer time after breakfast was served on Wednesday morning. It was already getting hot. Most years at camp, it’s still cold at breakfast, but this year it’s already warm at 9am. One of the things we brought to God is that “a nice cool breeze would be great!” That day, it was so windy that we had to watch out that our lettuce for the fajitas didn’t blow away as we chopped it. The wind wasn’t just a small gentle breeze – it blew through camp and totally refreshed everyone, giving us a good break from the heat and the mosquitoes! Thank you Jesus.

During free time, almost every camper and counselor can be found cooling off in the river. Our swimming area is very nice – the water is cold but not icy! Some other fun things happening during activity time are archery, tug-of-war, rock climbing, slack lining, and skits.

Praise God for the work He is doing in the lives of each camper, counselor, junior staff, and support staff at TREK! May our hearts be open to Holy Spirit’s prompting.

Salome Unger


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