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THANK YOU for your generosity!

Thank you church! Glory to God!

From the set up on Saturday to serving you all on Sunday after both services to selling leftovers and cleaning up, it’s all worth it when we see how it brings us all together as a church supporting each other.

As a youth group, we look forward to these fundraisers and have started to get excited for his upcoming missions trip to Mexico and California! Serving others by building 2 houses in Mexico? Awesome! Helping out others in need in other countries by washing buckets and packaging soup at Gleanings for the Hungry? Amazing! Seeing God at work through all of this and strengthening relationships? Yes!!

But most of all, we as a youth group want to thank you all for your generosity! $13,500 was raised this past Sunday! Again we say…Glory to God! God is good! All the time!

Stay tuned for more updates closer to our March 16th departure date. We are planning a commissioning in the services on March 11th. Thanks for your prayers. We are so excited that we have 2 bus drivers, a church to sleep in on the way there and back (in Oregon), and a team of about 35 members preparing to serve.


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