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Stories of King Road, Episode 6

A Tribute to Mary Konrad

We remember Mary as someone who supported Abe in his ministry wherever she could. One of these ways was her hospitality, which we experienced while Abe and Herman served together at King Road in the early ‘90’s. They had invited us and someone else for lunch. I don’t remember who else was invited, but I do remember what we had for lunch because I asked her for the recipe. It was Apple Chicken Curry. She wrote it out for me and gave it to me. Since then it has become a favorite in our kitchen. When we went travelling last fall, instead of taking a bunch of loose leaf recipes and recipe books along, I photographed our favorite recipes and made a recipe album on my phone photo app. Apple Chicken Curry is in that recipe album. Last year, Herman told Mary that we still remembered that lunch and that we still make that meal. She didn’t remember that, but she did say that she had lost that recipe and asked if we could give her a copy of it. So we photocopied her own recipe, in her own handwriting and shared it with her. This morning (May 20, 2020) we attended the funeral service for Mary. And guess what we’re having for dinner tonight in honor of Mary? – a generous helping of Apple Chicken Curry over rice.

Marilse Stahl


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