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Stories of King Road, Episode 4

This week’s story has been provided by Melissa Unruh. Though her time with YWAM was cut short due to COVID-19, we are glad for what she was able to experience. Thank you, Melissa, for sharing.

For those of you who don’t know, I just got back from doing my DTS (Discipleship Training School), a 5 month course that I did at YWAM Townsville in Australia.

DTS really changed my life in a lot of ways. Many false things that I didn’t even realize I believed about who God was were transformed, I got to see God work and move in ways that I never experienced Him to before, and He spoke in different ways so clearly that really changed my relationship with Him. I don’t have time to go into all of those details, but I would like to just share one story with you from Outreach Phase in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

While in PNG, my team went to different villages where we got to build relationship with the church there and work together to reach out to the rest of the people in the village. Something we often would do is house visits, where we would go and pray for anyone who wanted prayer. Many of these people were sick or injured and my team witnessed a lot of God’s amazing healing power.

One of the days, as we were walking back from one of the house visits, there was a younger woman waiting for us and she asked us to pray for her. She said she had stomach pain for years and that it was cancer. We began to pray over her, inviting the Holy Spirit into that place, declaring truth over her from the Bible, and praying God’s healing over this woman with the authority He has given us. As we prayed, we sensed that God just really wanted this woman to know how extremely loved she was by Him. After we prayed for a while, she told us her stomach pain was gone! We all knew that God had healed her and we began praising and glorifying Him! However, we still got the sense that she really needed to understand how deeply her heavenly Father cares for her. I explained how I always knew God loved me in my mind, but it didn’t change my life until I really understood it in my heart which is when it really started to transform my life. She was really touched by the Holy Spirit and she decided to dedicate everything to the Lord and to lay her whole life down to God. And in my opinion, that was an even greater miracle than her stomach pain and cancer being gone.

I believe that one of the greatest miracles (if not the greatest) is a transformed heart. She got a revelation of God’s love for her life and I know that that sounds kind of cheesy, of course anyone who’s grown up around Christianity knows God loves them, but when you really get that, in your heart, it changes your life. This woman was totally different for the rest of the week we were there. She joined the group of people doing ministry and started getting involved with people from different church denominations (which is very rare in PNG), together reaching out to the rest of their communities and discipling others.

Melissa Unruh


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