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Search Team Update!

We have some exciting updates to share with the congregation! Don’t miss church this weekend!

Introducing Aaron Bartlett

Church leadership is recommending Aaron Bartlett be hired as our Young Adults and Worship Ministries Pastor (including technical oversight). Aaron & Heather currently live in Ontario with their daughter, Tori.

Aaron & Heather will be visiting with us this weekend. Please be in prayer for the many different meetings that are a part of our discerning process. Scroll down to see a schedule for this weekend.

Aaron & Heather will share their testimonies in both services on Sunday; Aaron will lead us in worship in the English service.

Introducing Elfriede Doerksen

If you were in church last Sunday, you heard the news that we are recommending the Elfriede Doerksen be hired as our Children’s Ministry Director. If you weren’t here, click to watch her testimony:

English Testimony

German Testimony

Friday, June 22

  • Meeting with Search Team
  • Worship Team Practice

Saturday, June 23

  • Meeting with Church Staff
  • Meeting with worship, music, and tech volunteers – 2:30pm, Sanctuary
  • Meeting with CnC, young adults, and young marrieds – 5:30pm, Janz Farm

Sunday, June 24

  • German Service – 9:30am
  • English Service – 11:00am
  • Church Potluck – 12:30pm, Gym

Please bring food to share according to your last name:

A-M please bring sandwiches/savoury and fruit or vegetables,

N-Z please bring sandwiches/savoury and dessert.

Drinks will be provided.

  • Meeting with moderators and leadership

Monday, June 24

  • Membership Meeting – 7:30pm, Sanctuary

Please make every effort to come to the events that apply to you!

For more information, contact the search team:

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