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ONE Church – ONE Time – MULTIPLE Services

Mark your calendars! One service at 10:00am … launching April 19, 2020!

We are excited to announce our upcoming adjustments to our service times here at King Road. We feel this a great option for us on a trial basis moving forward! God is working!

We feel there are some great advantages and good reasons for this upcoming change. For example, we will have a consistent start time EVERY Sunday at 10:00am. 
We aim to increasing the amount of opportunities to serve our almighty God with our gifts that he gave us, while reducing the amount of time required serving on Sunday mornings.Because of the consistent Service start time at 10:00am, we will be able to shorten the amount of time we gather on Sunday mornings (particularly for families with children who attend the English service).

Sunday Morning Timeline

  •   7:30am       Set-up in Gym
  •  8:00am       Worship team practices
  •   9:30am       Prayer Time for all Volunteers
  •   9:40am       Child check-in upon arrival
  • 10:00am       Service Start
  • 10:15am      Children & Mini-Roaders dismissed
  • After service the clean-up in Gym

Facility Locations

German service   —   Auditorium
 English service   —   Gym
           Children   —    Chapel/Basement
   Mini-Roaders   —    Youth Room

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