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Missionaries, in Abbotsford!?!

A few months ago, as has become King Road tradition, several families hosted 8 young adults from Germany who arrived here to serve with MB Mission’s Trek program for the next 10 months. Then you might remember us commissioning 20 young adults in late October. This past Sunday morning, two of the Canada Team members shared with the Roaders youth group.

In the picture above, you can see Fred Sutherland (MB Mission Mobilizer) interviewing Celina Kroeker (centre) and Susi Isaak (right). They are both part of the team serving our community in partnership with Central Heights. Here are a few highlights of what was shared.

Why did you choose to come on Trek?

C – I knew I wanted to serve somewhere for a year, but I was drawn to Trek in part because I didn’t know exactly where I would end up (whether in Myanmar, Peru, Thailand, or Canada). I knew I would have to learn to trust God.

S – I wanted to have an “adventure” with God and learn to rely on him fully.

What are you learning?

C – I am learning the importance of laying down my rights. Living together as a team forces you to learn how to serve.

S – Most of the time growing involves not getting what you want. I didn’t want to stay in a Western culture to serve, but I have learned so much during this time. I am getting the adventure I was hoping for.

What is something that has impacted you this year?

C – Seeing the needs of people right here in Abbotsford has helped me understand that I can serve God anywhere. Recently we helped clean up a house for two boys. It was difficult and dirty work, but we had a chance to share God’s love.

S – Often times it is the smallest, basic things that we do that are actually very significant acts of service. I volunteer in children’s ministry, and simply holding babies so the moms can have a break makes a difference.

Fred also challenged our youth from Matthew 9:35-38. He challenged us to see people, to open our eyes and look. Then we should allow ourselves to be moved in our hearts to have compassion. And, then we have the opportunity to go and answer Jesus’ prayer for harvest workers. Yes, we can serve, even right here in Abbotsford.

Let’s continue to pray for all the MB Mission Trek teams serving until the end of May. God is at work. May we have the eyes to see and the compassion to respond.

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