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Merry Christmas from Three Hills, AB

“This is the message we have heard from Him and proclaim to you, that God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all.”

1 John 1:5

Dear Friends,

As we approach the end of another year we thought it would be a good time to update you on our family.

Grace is almost finished her first semester at The Master’s University in California. She is taking a biology major with a minor in Bible and is especially enjoying her Old Testament class. We are so grateful that she has this chance to study Bible alongside her other courses. We’re looking forward to spending time with her at Christmas!

Mariah is in her grade 12 year. She keeps herself busy with classes, work at Subway and music involvements. She is taking a break from violin lessons this year but finds herself often playing at church or with the school worship team. Mariah is looking forward to a missions trip to Colombia in February with a group from her class. One of their main focuses will be teaching English to school-aged children. We would appreciate prayer for Mariah to stay healthy during this trip and praise God that her diabetes is under good control.

Julia is in grade 11 and also keeping busy with school and work at Subway. She was on a missions trip to Toronto this past summer with a girls’ Bible Study group that she is a part of. This group has been a huge encouragement to her. Julia blesses our home with her peaceful guitar playing.

Peter is in a mix of grade 7 and 8, both in home school and some classes at the local Christian school. He enjoys this mix of education and has lots of enthusiasm for music and sports. He is playing hockey in a local league and looks forward to every practice and game! It’s been a joy to hear Peter practicing on the same trumpet I (Dorilee) played when I was his age!

Evelyn is in grade 5 and we enjoy our time together as she is home schooled. She enjoys crafts, décor and being creative. She is also learning piano and violin. Her cheerful outlook and contentedness are a blessing.

Kiara is home schooled in grade 2. She is bubbly and expressive and loves to write stories. She is very musical and can often be found at the piano! She was diagnosed with a mild form of epilepsy this spring. We are thankful that she doesn’t need to be on medication at this point and that her seizures have been very infrequent.


Kalvin and I feel very blessed to be at this stage of parenthood. God has been very faithful.

Growing Partnerships

We’ve been in the process of reviewing various aspects of our flight program as we work toward strengthening the partnership between Prairie Bible Institute (Prairie College) and MAF-Canada .

As part of this process we reviewed the Mission, Vision and Values Statements of the flight program. It was encouraging to reaffirm God’s call on us to: ‘Train and equip aviation professionals to impact the world for God’s kingdom.’ We do this through partnership with various missions and with intentional effort toward discipleship and an excellent training curriculum. It‘s great to work with gifted individuals who have a passion to see God glorified.

What is PATC?

For the past 25 years the flight program has had ‘mission’ in its name. As a result, some of our graduates have had difficulty obtaining visas into ‘limited access counties’ when our name appeared on training records. The decision was therefore made to change our name to PATC— Prairie Aviation Training Centre. While this may seem like a rare problem, we are seeing increased efforts among missions that our pilots go out with to enter these very countries. We trust this ‘simple’ name change will only improve the opportunities for our students to impact the world for Christ.

Sending Them Out

Whenever students leave it’s a bittersweet event for staff at the school. On one hand we’re happy to see them complete and be ready to serve God wherever He places them. On the other hand we’re sad to see them go after spending approximately 2 years with us as we train them and see them grow both in their maturity and faith. It is always encouraging however when we hear from them later and see how God is using them or providing for them.

This week I heard from two recent graduates. The first, who left us only 4 months ago, worked briefly as a flight instructor before being offered a job as an international medical evacuation pilot. He will be flying around the world in mid-sized jets building amazing experience that he plans to use with MAF one day! The second student has worked various flight jobs in the past 3 years and is now preparing to leave for Africa with AIM as a mission pilot. Both students thanked us and said how much their training at Prairie had prepared them for the challenges and opportunities they faced after leaving the school. Praise God He has chosen to use our human efforts to prepare willing servants for His service!

Thank you for your partnership in this ministry. May the Lord bless you richly this Christmas season!

Kalvin & Dorilee Hildebrandt




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