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Lights, Sound, Video, PPT

Have you ever considered serving in tech ministries at King Road? Maybe you have talent in one or more of these areas and don’t know it yet! All of these categories serve together as one big team.

There are a couple different ways you could get involved:


With the updated lighting system we have, there is so much room for creativity. You can adjust the lights to reflect the topic, style, emotion, etc. of the service or event.


You too can help make sure every voice and instrument on stage is heard!


This ministry records the services on Sunday mornings for those who are unable to come to church, as well as funerals and special events. You can learn to use remote-controlled cameras, a larger camera that is set up on the balcony, and the switching board that controls what is visible on the livestream. Get creative with video!


How easy would it be to sing along without the words on the screen? PowerPoint is an easy way to help – it only requires that you pay attention to what’s going on and switch the slides when necessary.

We’re in need of more volunteers for both services. Contact Rick Lowen if you’re willing to help: