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In Conclusion…

Tomorrow is my departure date from Saipan! I’ve had a solid 3 weeks of service work, in which my crew completed 1 house started by a previous crew, and my crew got the roof on another house as well.

Here is a picture of the lady in front of her house with her granddaughter. We managed to get the roof on while we were here.

This is the church building where we attended the service last Sunday. The building was largely open on 3 sides.

It was a special privilege to be part of the house dedication. (Really it was only a 14×16 ft bedroom, but to her, it was a castle.) She was presented with the keys, a quilted wall hanging, we sang the familiar doxology, a Bible was presented to her as well as a loaf of bread, a reminder that Jesus is the bread of life. The director then had a prayer dedication.

Our whole group of volunteers has been invited to at least 3 different family gatherings for a special meal of appreciation, plus one smorgasbord lunch to a posh golf club – instigated by the local “care” committee. The weather has been a little cooler than is in April, but still very warm and muggy.

The work we’ve done and the people we’ve served; I view it all as work done unto the Lord.


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