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“I had forgotten about God!”

I recently received an email from an athletic director whose school hosts one of our camps each year. This director also happens to be a teacher and in the email, he expressed his gratefulness for the ministry we are able to do through camps. Noting the kingdom impact that had occurred, he shared a portion of a story written by one of his students. ​

“The last day of camp was Friday, and in the afternoon we took a break and all the campers including me sat down and were asked to fill out this sheet. The sheet had questions asking if we would go to the camp again, and feedback for the coaches. Then the very last question had three prayer options. The first was your first time meeting God, the second was reconnecting with God, and the third was for furthering understanding of God. It hit me, during all the midst of this I had forgotten about God!

I had left him, denied his comfort, and lost faith in him when I moved. I couldn’t even recall the last day I had went to church. The head coach then prayed for these prayers. After the camp that day, I wrote tons in my journal, and prayed for forgiveness. I was beginning to reconnect with God.

How’s the Family?

Vanessa and I are excited about the month of December. We are both looking forward to spending intentional time together as well as reconnecting with family during the school break. We thank you for your generous support of our ministry in 2017.

As Vanessa and I continue to do ministry we are excited about a few of the opportunities coming our way in 2018. In March, I will have the opportunity to co-lead the 4:12 group to Haiti in order to provide them with a practical, global leadership experience. A few weeks later, I will also have the privilege of leading the men’s volleyball team at Columbia Bible College on a trip to Paraguay. In order for us to be able to afford the cost of these leadership development trips as well as cover some of our shortfall from 2017, we will need $9,000 in additional funds to cover the expenses.

Would you prayerfully consider giving a special Christmas gift to help meet our support need? We have seen God provide so generously in the past that we are confident that He will provide again! If you would prefer to give a gift online, Click Here! and it will take you to the giving link. If you would prefer to give through check, please make it payable to Power to Change and send to our home address.

Leadership begins with ME!

“For there is no good tree which produces bad fruit; nor, on the other hand, a bad tree which produces good fruit. For each tree is known by its fruit.”

Luke 6:43


Our 4:12 program, derived from 1 Timothy 4:12, has recently undertaken the journey of leadership development. As a result of your investment into our ministry, we are able to take this group of grade eleven and twelve athletes and intentionally build into them as leaders.

Through a series of images and scriptures created by Tim Elmore of Growing Leaders, like the Iceberg Principle shown above, they are being challenged to adopt specific Habits and Attitudes of Christ-centered leaders.


We are so grateful for the ongoing support of people like you.

Merry Christmas!

Jason & Vanessa

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