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Hello from TREK Week 1!

What a great first couple of days it has been so far – let me share a few highlights.

First of all, the camp setup is incredible and is so fitting to our Robin Hood theme. I am so grateful for all the hard workers and their creativity who were able to make it look the way it does.

The kids seem to be having a blast so far – the have really gotten into the story, activities, and crafts, and seem to be really engaged with everything going on.

Working in the kitchen has been a delight. We have so many helpers who are willing to lend a hand whenever it is needed, and there haven’t been any mishaps so far which is a plus!

It has been so inspiring watching the counsellors, activity leaders, and all the staff engage with the kids and make sure they feel loved and welcomed. I am always so touched when I hear someone share at counsellor meeting about their camper who is not having the best time, because it is so evident how much care each staff member has for these kids and how much they want them to know Jesus and experience His love.

We also have such a unique opportunity at these meetings to all gather and pray for these campers, and it is so cool to see how God decides to answer these prayers. There have already been some pretty cool things happening amidst the camper groups, like the kids deciding on their own that they want to pray together, and I am excited for what else God has in store for this week!

I think that one of the bigger prayer requests so far would be for all of the homesick campers, and those who don’t quite feel like they’re fitting in. This is the first time away from home for a lot of these campers, so prayer for peace and unity amidst the groups would be appreciated!

Please keep TREK in your prayers this week, for energy and discernment for all of the staff, and that we would continue to love these campers to the best of our ability, with the strength God provides. Thank you for all your support!
Sarah Heyde

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