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Communication Details

As a church staff, we want to say THANK YOU for staying connected with King Road during this season. We appreciate each of you, and are encouraged to hear stories of how God is giving you opportunities to serve Him and love others during this time.

We thought it might be helpful for you to have the details of our weekly communication plan as a church. Read these details carefully. Set yourself reminders as necessary. Stay informed.

Weekly Updates


  • Pastor Leonard will write a news post and publish it on our website. Check our website weekly for this update. Topics covered will vary week to week. Suggestions are welcome!


  • Join us for our weekly King Road online prayer meeting. The details can be found here (just click on the word here).


  • Wednesday is King’s Kids Day. Elfriede is posting weekly Sunday School lesson videos on the Children’s Ministry page of our website (click on the link). These videos can also be found on our YouTube channel. If you have children or grandchildren involved in Sunday School, why don’t you add watching Elfriede’s videos to your Wednesday routine. Go check out yesterday’s video…it’s a good one!
  • Wednesday is also King Road Story Day. We are hoping to have a story about someone/something connected to King Road to post every week. This one, however, requires congregational participation. Do you have a story to share? We can help you write it (if you’d rather tell the story). Please submit your story (and a related picture if possible) to Leonard.


  • On Thursday afternoons, the office staff send out a weekly email to everyone on our email list. This includes the weekly video update from either Pastor Heins, Pastor Leonard, or both of them. If you are reading this and aren’t getting those emails, please contact the office! We want you to read these.


  • Finally, a weekly routine that has stayed the same. We are still uploading a weekly bulletin in the traditional paper format to our website every Friday. If you like to read it on paper, please simply hit print (if you have a printer!).

During this time, we will do our best to stay active on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram). Links to all of these can be found at the bottom of any page on our website.

Sunday Live Streams

And, don’t forget, we are streaming our Sunday services. Links to the videos can be found on our multimedia page, or directly on our YouTube channel (why don’t you subscribe and like our YouTube channel?)

If you watch the stream directly on YouTube, there is a live chat feature that you can utilize to have “virtual conversations” with others. New for this week moving forward is our plan to leave the streams “live” for a few minutes after the end of each service to allow this chatting to continue.

Please also note that we are still recording CDs and DVDs weekly; contact the office if you’d like to get these (perhaps in particular for a loved one who is not on the internet).

Phone Calls

As an entire church staff team, we are also committed to calling our way through the church directory. We look forward to connecting and chatting. Of course, please stay in contact with each other as well during this time. Being physically isolated does not mean that we have to lose all connection with each other. Phone, text, message, Whatsapp, Zoom, email, write each other during this time.

On behalf of the staff team, THANK YOU!

Pastor Leonard


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