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ONLINE Children's Ministry Update (March 2020)

A message to all children (and their parents/guardians) from Elfriede:

Thank you for stopping by. As much as I’d love to share this message with you in person, at this time we will have to be creative and say hi via a screen. The video below is for you to watch. Watch the new video and find out more. I’d love to hear from you…

Here is the latest video update - June 25, 2020

Here is the latest video update - June 18, 2020

Here is the latest video update - June 11, 2020

During this time when our public programs and ministries are on hold, we are planning on adding a short children’s feature into the Sunday service live streams. Watch for this starting on March 22nd. I am planning on introducing the lesson that the Grade 1-5 children would normally have in Sunday School.

After the live stream services are over, as soon as the people in the office can click all the right buttons, they will post the video to this page…right below here…which you can watch! I hope this works 🙂

See you in our live stream on Sunday, and then check back here for the weekly video lesson.


As a church, our desire is to support parents in their role as spiritual trainers for their children. We are committed to providing a caring environment where children can be nurtured and feel they belong, to teaching children biblical truths, to inviting children to a deepening relationship with Jesus, to challenging children to care for others and be concerned for those who do not yet know Jesus, and to offering resources to parents.

  • Sunday School (Ages 3-5) during the 9:30am service
  • Sunday School (Grades 1-5) during the 9:30am service
  • Supervised Child Care during the 11:00am service:
    • Toddler Room (Ages 1-3) in the Fireside Room
    • Children’s Church (Ages 4-5) in Room #12. Children are invited to join during the offering time.
  • Wee College (Ages 4-6) on Tuesdays
  • Girls & Boys Club (Grades 2-5) on Wednesday evenings
  • TREK Kids Camp (July)
  • Vacation Bible School

Schedules, permission forms, detailed program descriptions, etc. can be found on the downloads page. We look forward to having you join us! Any and all questions can be directed to Elfriede Doerksen.