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As I logged on to the computer to pray

Join us for a weekly online prayer meeting!

As a church staff during this Covid-19 pandemic, our strong desire is that we find ways of staying connected as a congregation. We miss the personal face-to-face interaction with you, but we know that we are together through God’s Spirit. As we were discussing how we can offer different ways of connecting virtually, we felt it was important to set up a weekly time to pray together online. Please join us!

Our weekly prayer meetings will happen on Tuesday evenings at 8:00pm. We will be using ZOOM Video Conferencing. All you need is to download the app to your device and click on the link below. We encourage you to give this a try, even if technology scares you. Ask someone to help you get it set up! Please note: you will need a password to access the prayer meeting – contact any staff member for that information.

Meeting ID: 691 971 904

We look forward to praying together!

Let’s share our praise, thanks, and requests!

Please also make use of our prayer email ( This email will go to all our staff, and we will pray, both individually and as a group. (Yes, we are also meeting via ZOOM as pastors and as staff.)

But what’s up with the title of the post?

Perhaps you’ve heard the song “As I Went Down to the River To Pray?” It was composed in the 1800s by an African American slave. There are echoes of Psalm 137 in the lyrics. Well, I found myself humming the song as I typed this update. So, after a bit of distraction, here is a version I think you might enjoy! (Click here – link will take you to YouTube, away from our website.)

See you online, Tuesday evenings, 8:00pm.


Pastor Leonard

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