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Team Malaumanda

One more step towards home

It has been obvious over the last several months that we need to walk by faith and live in the present. Plans that go much beyond today just aren’t very predictable. This isn’t a terrible thing as it keeps us dependent on the Lord. That being said, we are thankful that we are starting to see the plan for our return to PNG come together.

Just recently we received our approval from the PNG gov’t to return. Once we had that in hand we started to search for tickets. Our initial option looked workable but wow was it expensive; over twice what our original tickets had been. The next day we heard about another option that is actually very reasonably priced. We now have those tickets purchased and should get the itinerary shortly. It will be a long trip but that is fine. All of us are looking forward to getting back to PNG and putting away our suitcases.

So in roughly 3 weeks, we will head off. Before then we will need to get another Covid test and spend a bit of time reorganizing our bags. We are well experienced in both of those activities so it shouldn’t be too much drama. And of course, we will start saying our goodbyes all over again. We are VERY experienced at this though that doesn’t help with the drama of it. God’s mercies are new every morning so we’ll take it a day at a time.

Thanks to all of you who have so faithfully been praying for us during this time.

In Him,Eric and Judith, Stephen, Daniel and Timothy

Team Malaumanda

You can see in the picture above that we just developed a Team Malaumanda t-shirt. We had them printed by a local screen printer just for our family but have put in another order to be done on Black, White and Blue t-shirts. We consider everyone who prays and gives towards our ministry to be on the “Team” so if you are interested in a t-shirt then just let us know the color and size. We aren’t attempting to make a business of this so the cost for the t-shirts should be around $10 each plus shipping, if necessary.


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