March 24, 2017

We Are Back!


Day 11


After breakfast we had the opportunity to listen to John, a YWAM staff member, share a personal devotional. He was encouraging us to confide in each other and encourage one another. Due to the rain we were given different tasks to do that helped keep us out of the rain, such as cleaning the Hotel rooms, painting, cleaning the kitchen and dining room and even sewing bean bags for preschoolers! We kept our motivation level up by singing along to the radio and talking to the people we were working with. As a result of the rain and having finished all the tasks the staff had given us, they gave us the afternoon off and had free time. The rain started to clear up and the sun even came out so we had the chance of hiking the hills/mountains surrounding us. God is good!! Different groups went off hiking in different directions, having 3 hikes to choose from; Mushroom Rock, 3 Crosses and the Waterfall hike. In the end we all crossed paths up at the same place, the waterfall. Arriving back at the hotel we had a few minutes left until it was dinner time. Spaghetti and garlic bread was on the menu along with a salad bar. After dinner we had some more free time! At 8:00pm we got together for some time of worship and sharing. Some people shared about the kind of experiences they had that day while others shared how God was working in their hearts. 

Thank you for all of your prayers throughout the trip so far! 

The scribe.

Day 12

We had a great day!

After lunch we left YWAM CHICO and arrived safe in Grants Pass. For dinner we had pizza at our favourite restaurant and for dessert we all went to Dairy Queen for a birthday cake to celebrate Marissa's birthday! Afterwards we had a time of singing and praying at our church and then it was bedtime.

Day 13 

We left Grants Pass at 5 am this morning.

Everything went well during the trip. We arrived safe and sound at 5:00pm

Thank you very much for all your prayers and support!

It was a great trip and God did some amazing and wonderful things!

Edgar Wiens

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