March 22, 2017

Transformational Coaching


Dear King Road Church,
Thank you for your ongoing partnership. Together, we are part of a nationwide ministry with the specific vision of "Seeing a Spiritual Multiplier in every sporting community in Canada." This vision is being pursued by numerous divisions, from those focussed on specific sports like volleyball, basketball, soccer, hockey and more, to those focused on reaching college and university campuses, to those reaching into the international sphere and finally, those reaching coaches. Together, we form AIA Canada, a passionate group of Christ followers, athletes and coaches, attempting to reach a largely unreached sporting culture.

Recently, I have been reading from a book entitled "InSide Out Coaching," by Joe Ehrmann. Ehrmann, a former professional athlete, realized when reflecting on his experiences that, "Outside of parenting there might not be a better platform than coaching to transform boys and girls into healthy and thriving men and women. A coach's responsibilities include helping young people to confront and comprehend the toxic culture that is trying to seduce and shape them...there may not be a more influential group of leaders in the world than transformational coaches."

As I think about the millions of children, teens and adults engaged in the context of sport in Canada alone, I can not help but marvel at the opportunity for transformation. Avenues like volleyball camps, intentional mentorship, college coaching and community involvement allow individuals like myself and others the chance to transform the lives of the participants. In fact, to take it one step further, we have the opportunity to allow the Holy Spirit to work through us, to transform the lives of millions of people. What a privilege!

Upcoming Events

- The AIA Volleyball Staff in Toronto are helping out as hosts for U-Sports Women's Volleyball Nationals. They will be hosting chapels, prayer meetings and a refuelling station (drinks and food) for the university athletes.

- Our March Madness Camp runs from March 21-24 in Langley.

- The West Coast, Prairies and East Coast all have Athletes retreats for University and College athletes at the end of March and beginning of April.

- Bearcat Prowl, and event which CBC athletics is hosting to raise funds for an inner city school in Abbotsford to receive sporting equipment. If interested sign up here:

- AIA Volleyball Staff is heading to Paraguay for a 10 day trip with Sport Aid in May. More info to come in the next update.

On the personal front

(Could not help but post a photo of the incredible snow storm we had. I returned to this situation after a weekend volleyball trip.)

Vanessa has made it all the way to spring break! She has two and a half months of practicum left, a few weeks of school and then graduation. It is great to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Though both of us have been sick over the past week and a half, we feel like we are on the "up and up". 

We are both looking forward to some intentional time together before the craziness of May and summer hit. Since we are refreshed by being outside, the goal is to get some camping trips in, as long as the rain does not keep us away.

Prayer and Praise

- Praise for great registration numbers so far for our camps this spring and summer

- Pray for the March Madness camp which runs March 21-24.

- Praise for the opportunity we have as AIA volleyball to had to Paraguay in May and bring 5 university athletes with us.

- Pray for the team serving in Toronto at Nationals. That they would be able to meet athletes with needs that will inevitably arise when playing at the highest levels.

- Pray for the ability to schedule wisely as there is much we can do, yet only so much we are able to do. Wisdom here is essential.

Thank you for your partnership! Feel free to pass on any comments or questions. We appreciate those who pass on a word of encouragement every once in a while.

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