February 14, 2017

The Lord Undertook


We feel very grateful to have so many people who stop and pray for us on a regular basis. So when we have special prayer requests, like the medical problems in Malaumanda, we know that you all will be faithful to take these needs before the throne of God. What a privilege that we have!

We are happy to tell you that medicine was eventually flown in to Malaumanda and that no other children have died. From what we have heard so far the sickness that was going through the village has settled down. Even Metai and Mobe's child is ok and did not need to be flown out to the hospital in Wewak. We still need to pray that they can get some more medicine for the village as the small supply that they received is already gone. Those sorts of resources are at times in short supply.

(This is a pic of Knox who is doing the final assembly of the engine for our land cruiser. I won't be here to see it but he will be putting it back in to the vehicle on Monday. Hopefully it is all working when I get back.)

(This is Timothy with his schoolf friend Beau, as they dressed up for school as Calvin (Timothy) and Hobbs.)

Another Prayer Request

On Monday of this coming week I will be taking another trip out into the bush. I will be joining another consultant as we visit two different locations. The first spot will, Lord willing, be a final evaluation for the whole team. These are exciting times for everyone involved as with the completion of culture and language study we know that the initial Gospel presentation is not far away.

Our next stop on this trip will be to 'kick off' a new team that is joining an existing work where there are very young believers. We have been praying for years now for this to happen as only one single missionary lady has been attempting to 'hold the fort'. This infant church needs a lot more teaching and discipleship and we trust that these two new families will be able to learn this difficult language quickly and jump right in to feeding this flock. Pray that we can give them some good direction as they start down this challenging road.

I would ask that you pray for Judith and the boys while I am gone. This is always a bit of a challenge for Judith. First off, she would love to go with me on these sorts of trips and be an encouragement to the teams. And of course, trying to keep the reins on 3 active boys, and all of the homework that they have is quite the task.

Thanks again for standing with us in prayer while we are over here in PNG. We are honored and humbled to partner with you.


Eric and Judith, Stephen, Daniel and Timothy

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