September 13, 2017

Summer Rewind


Dear King Road Church,

Thank you for your partnership in working towards developing spiritual multipliers in the volleyball community. This summer we were able to put on 4 week long day camps, 2 week long overnight camps (including the CBC camp which had more than double the amount of campers from last year), and one outreach camp in Surrey for recent immigrants and refugee families. 

(Finding God in Scripture at our Coaches Retreat.)

We know that God and his Spirit worked in amazing ways through the coaches. To our knowledge, five individuals committed their lives to Christ for the first time, while countless others had seeds planted and watered. As faithful co-workers with Christ, our goal is to introduce individuals to him, model a life lived in relationship with him and walk alongside others as they learn about him. Your prayer is an essential part to this process so THANK YOU!

(Evening program at Overnight Camp. Theme was studying people from the Bible.)

One of the most fulfilling roles of my job is managing and developing young leaders. Through the summer, I was able to spend time intentionally connecting with our four core coaches, as well as with our 4:12 program participants (jr. coaches who are entering grade 12). It is such a neat opportunity to participate in the leadership development of young people.

One quick example. This year, we tasked our junior coaches with the job of running our evening games program at the Overnight camp, as well as helping out with small group leadership. They not only did a great job preparing and running the actual events, they also were able to lead their peers well as a portion of the campers were the same age, or older than them. On the guys side, we saw a number of our young leaders intentionally develop relationships with campers, including one from a muslim background. This individual attended our camp because when he typed in "Volleyball Camps" into Google, our name came up. Through the week, he had an amazing time learning the sport, as well as building relationships with our young leaders. I was proud to hear of their excitement about the development of this relationship, as well as their desire to gift him with a Bible after the week. They had caught the fire for what it means to introduce and share Christ with others and were passing it on. 

We are in the "business" of developing spiritual multipliers and it excites me to see some of our up and coming leaders taking steps in this direction.

(Camper we were able to give a Bible to. Keep praying for him!)

Top: 2 v 2 at Overnight Camp

Bottom: Introducing the Wrays who were visiting from Camp Mahanaim in Haiti. This is the family we will visit in March with our 4:12 program.

What happens now? 

- Reviewing and reflecting on the summer. How can we get better?

- My season has started at CBC so my focus shifts a bit more to running a College program.

- We said goodbye to Gloria, our intern for the past 10 months.

- Preparation begins for next year.

John 4:34

"My nourishment comes from doing the will of God, who sent me, and from finishing his work."

On the personal front:

Below Pictures: A recent hike from Helm Creek to Lake Garibaldi

Quick Updates

With the beginning of summer comes the transition of school starting again. This time Vanessa is a TEACHER! We are excited to see the outcome of all her hard work as she gets to start working in classrooms again.

Many of you have been supporters of ours now for over two years! Thank you for what you do. It is truly a team effort.  

Prayer and Praise

- PRAISE for a successful summer of camps and leadership development

- PRAY for campers and staff returning to school. That their growth would continue in these difficult situations

- PRAISE for five campers who have accepted Christ into their lives for the first time.

- PRAY for wisdom in leading a team of eleven athletes at CBC for the year.

- PRAISE for the help of Gloria, our intern over the past year.

Thank you for your partnership! Feel free to pass on any comments or questions. We appreciate those who pass on a word of encouragement every once in a while.

- Jason & Vanessa Warkentin

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