April 25, 2017

Summer Days


Summer is well underway here and I am slowly getting used to heat. The past few weeks have flown by in a blur of activity. Babies were born, Easter was celebrated,  and much was learned. Here are a few highlights from recent days:

Dancing to the beat of a different gong: I attended my first Filipino wedding and learned to dance mountain tribal style while the gongs were playing. Although I am certain I made quite a spectacle out of myself it was a lot of fun!

Passover: With the midwives here in the clinic we celebrated passover. It was a good time of preparing our hearts for Easter and remembering the significance of the the sacrifice of Christ.

It Arose!: Even though I was away from home this Easter there were some things that I was not willing to miss out on. So I set out to conquer the time honoured tradition of making paska. I mixed, kneaded and prayed as I waited for it to rise. And although the finished product couldn't hold a candle to my mother's it was delicious and I had a good time sharing the joy of paska with everyone in the clinic.

Didn’t want to be a chicken so I ate the Duck: Balut, a half developed duck embryo is a Filipino delicacy. First you crack the egg and suck out the juice. Then you eat the embryo and the yoke. The little guy I ate was 17 days old and very chewy. I think if I hadn’t looked at his feathers and little legs for so long before eating him, it would’ve gone down easier…

Babies, babies, babies oh! Spending time in the birth room is always a highlight. For those of you who think birth is gross you are missing out on life. Every time I see a baby enter the world I am amazed at the miracle of new life God has created.

Do you see what AC: Summer arrived a few weeks ago and I have been sweating ever since without relief. But praise God the AC unit in our study has been repaired. How cool is that?

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support!

Julie Janz

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