July 13, 2017

Rain, Sun and a Bit of Gratitude


Dear King Road Church,

I am thankful for your contribution towards the vision of AIA seeing a spiritual multiplier on every sporting team and in every sporting community in Canada. Together, we are trusting God with this vision and working towards using the resources he has given us to help us reach this goal. 

The month of June is one that has so many things going on: School is nearing its end, our beach program is running four evenings a week, we host our annual fundraiser tournament for Haiti, many of our participants or former participants are graduating and we are finishing our final prep for summer camps. This past week we spent three and a half days in training with our summer staff. At a half day conference a week ago, my director and I listened to Steve Brown of Arrow Leadership present on what it takes to get a team to work together. Amongst many other helpful insights, this quote stayed with me, "What difference would it make if you had a bigger, fuller, clearer vision of God?"

Over the past week, we challenged ourselves and our summer staff to think about this question in light of our ministry. One of the words that comes to mind personally when thinking about this question is GRATITUDE. I am thankful that God has invited us into his story of redeeming the world and given us a part to play. He is not a distant God who will do everything on his own, but he is willing to invite his creation...US... into the process.

A neat example of this is Michaella, one of our summer core staff. Michaella comes from a non-Christian family, but through her interactions with Christian athletes at her school as well as time spent at AIA camps and with previous AIA coaches, she has dedicated her life to Christ. This year, she has taken the step of joining staff and is using her experiences to add an important dynamic to our coaching staff. I am grateful that God brings the appropriate people to participate in our ministry at the appropriate time.

(Summer Coaches ready to head out. (Clockwise from Front Left: Gloria, Michaella, Graham, Becky)

Past Events

- Our spring Action Beach Program has finished. We had torrential rain, burning sun and a whole lot of fun these past five weeks. We are thankful for all the athletes who came and were exposed to great beach training, mature coaches, a community focused environment and an opportunity to participate in spiritual discussions.

- Hits 4 Haiti Tournament

- Staff training just wrapped up for the week as we had our four core staff, along with a few others participate in a week of on court and personal training.

Upcoming Events

- Seven Day Camps, One Overnight Camp, and One Staff retreat over the course of nine weeks.

- Start of the CBC Bearcats Volleyball season at the end of August

On The Personal Front

A big CONGRATULATIONS is in order to Vanessa for completing her Teachers Education program! If you have a chance to pass on a quick note of encouragement to her (Click here to send an email: v.hein92@gmail.com), please do so as she worked extremely  hard. It also can not go without mentioning that God has continued to provide us what we need and at the current moment, she has been hired in two districts (Langley and Abbotsford) as a TOC for the coming school year. We express GRATITUDE for all this!

Personally, we are enjoying spending dinners together again and planning for a few outings through the summer where we can get outside together before the busy Fall and Winter. We also had the privilege of having my brother, sister-in-law and niece at home for a month between their 2 year long stint in Germany working with a local church. Aside from being family, they are close friends and it was great to catch up as well as continue to be challenged to live a life of service to God.

Prayer and Praise

- Praise for a great group of summer coaches. While it is a smaller group, I am excited to see the personal, leadership and spiritual growth that will occur.

- Pray for our coaches to be open to the leading and filling of the Holy Spirit daily as they interact with numerous campers. Pray also for safe travels.

- Praise for camp numbers which are higher at this point than last year.

- Pray for me in my role of leadership over the summer. For appropriate vision and wisdom.

- Praise for our Hits 4 Haiti tournament which raised about $847, paying for about 30 Haitians kids to attend Camp Mahanaim next spring.

 Thank you for your partnership! Feel free to pass on any comments or questions. We appreciate those who pass on a word of encouragement every once in a while.

Jason & Vanessa Warkentin

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