May 19, 2017

Past, Present, Future


Dear Church,

Time is flying by! We only have 21 days until we return back to Canada for a few weeks. Here are a few highlights from the Past month:


It was special for us to celebrate with our church family here in Brackwede as well as with our home church 'online.' We were able to host a non-Christian couple for dinner on Good Friday and had a great time with them. Thank you for those who prayed for this. On the Saturday a church family lent us their car and we had the chance to make a day trip as a family to see a castle about an hour away. 

Soccer/Basebal Camp 

As a team we put on a soccer/baseball camp for church and community kids. I was able to draw on my soccer coaching experience with Athletes in Action and Stephanie was excited to finally be able to put her baseball skills to use. Each day we shared a story about a famous Canadian and then tied it to the Gospel message. During this camp we really noticed a great fear of failure among the children. This even prevented some of them participating in the baseball portion because they were afraid to try something that they "couldn't do." I shared that God sent his son Jesus to make up for our short-comings and failures. Pray that this message would sink in for these kids. 

We also prayed that week that God would hold off the rain so more kids could come. God answered in his humorous way: We had hail, snow and beautiful sunshine, but no rain!

Prayer and Worship Night with MB Mission

Once again we prepared and led a worship and prayer night with MB Mission. This time our church hosted. We took time to pray for the country of India and were blessed to have someone who 

had recently been to India share about their trip. This was followed by an encouraging time of sharing testimonies amongst the group.

Family Visit

At the end of the month we had our first overseas visitors! Adrian's siblings Ryan and Janelle, along with cousins Aaron and Vanessa stopped by for a few days during their Europe Tour. It was good to catch up on how things are going back home and it gave us a chance to process our time here so far. We were able to do a little sightseeing together (Bielefeld has a free zoo!) and take them along into some of the things we do here on a weekly basis. A highlight was having Ryan share a testimony at McDu. The discussion that followed was probably the longest ones we have had at McDu, and some of the kids who came are seriously thinking about making a decision to follow Christ. 

Team Hike

This past week we dropped Sofia off at a friend for the day and did a 20km hike as a team. We had been waiting for most of the year for good weather for this hike and we had a great day. God 

blessed us with amazing weather and a good time together as a team. Coming home will be bittersweet, because we know it will mean saying goodbye to Stephanie and Annika. We are so thankful to God for our team!


A few weeks ago someone at MB Mission asked us to consider what we are learning or experiencing in the area of trusting God. We have had amazing and challenging experiences. Here is part

of what we shared with them:

"...trusting God is not always easy. We are learning that trusting God is a decision that needs to be made daily. Often we find ourselves in situations where there is a tension between trusting God, and waiting for Him to speak or act. This period of waiting tests our trust in God as we try to discern whether God wants us to wait, to do something else or if we have even heard him correctly. One example for this is in the area of finances. Up until this point we have not been able to reach our monthly fundraising goals. This brings many questions and doubts into our minds. Is this where God wants us to be? What are we doing wrong? Should we be doing something different? Is our trust in God not strong enough? Then we look back on an experience where God provided a home for us about a two minute walk from the church where we serve, at a time where rental housing was hard to find. Next, God completely furnished our flat, including the kitchen and all appliances; He provided everything through the church fee of charge. Everything in our flat has either been lent or given to us (even fridge, oven, washing machine, etc...)! Looking back on this encourages us and builds our trust in Him. It makes us feel that He wants us to be here and that He wants to provide for our needs. And yet the tension remains...we are still short of our fundraising goals. There are times when trusting in God's guidance is easy, and times where it is very difficult. Looking back on the times where He has been faithful encourages us for the situations we face today, this week and in the weeks to come. Please pray for us that we will continue to put our trust in God above al else, each and every day, even during those moments when we have to wait and when our enemy begins to fill our minds with doubts. Let us be reminded that, "The Lord is trustworthy in al he promises and faithful in all he does." Psalm 145:13b"


We are looking forward to coming home for a short visit in June! Here are a few dates to keep in mind:

June 16: TREK Dessert Night. (7-9 PM at Northview) Al TREK teams will be sharing about their experience.

June 19: Sharing evening at King Road MB. We will be sharing more in-depth pictures and stories about what we have experienced and what we are looking forward to in our next year in Germany.

We will be spending the first two weeks of our time in Abbotsford debriefing with the rest of the TREK program and with our team. This means that until June 17, we won't be available for visits. After this we would love to connect and share with as many of you as possible! Feel free to email us with dates and times and we can plan accordingly.

See you soon!

Adrian & Jolene, and Sofia Warkentin

Prayer Corner

Praise for:

- What He has provided

- That He is faithful

- McDu kids who are considering following Jesus

- For our Good Friday dinner with friends who do not yet know Jesus

- For soccer/baseball camp and how God answered our weather prayers


- McDu kids who are considering following Jesus

- Our friends that we had dinner with: 

- That our relationship would grow and that they would recognize their need for Jesus

- Wisdom in how we live out and present the Gospel to them

- God's provision with finances and wisdom to know what steps we should take

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