July 6, 2017

News From the Hildebrandts


Dear Friends and Family,

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.” Lam. 3:23

Challenging Times

While the Scripture passage above is well know to most of us, we have seen God proving this faithfulness of His to us over and over recently. The flight program has gone through numerous

challenges in 2016-17 as approximately half the staff moved on to other jobs or ministries which left a lot of extra work for the remaining team. At the same time, the school underwent an extensive evaluation process from Transport Canada requiring many, many hours of labour. 

As is our human tendency, we often prayed for God to take the hardships away. Thankfully, He knew better and made us carry on through those dark valleys to develop our character, prove His faithfulness and ultimately bring glory to Himself. We have learned a lot in this time of testing and know that the school is in a more healthy place than it was before. The team is excited about the brighter days on the horizon and the new opportunities the Lord is placing before us. May PCMA continue to be used to bring glory to His name!

(Instructing in the motion simulator.)

Putting the Uniform back on

Although much of my time is taken up with meetings, answering emails and promoting the program, I recently had the opportunity to fill a void and teach 3 new students for a month. It was also so good to get back to the core purpose of why we are here—to invest into the lives of the men and women that God has entrusted to us. It is always exciting to see them learn their flight skills, but also mature and begin discerning what career path God may be leading them into.

(3 graduates receiving MAF scholarships.)


Recently we congratulated 4 graduates who were completing the Aviation Program! It is encouraging to see that our students are consistently being placed into jobs here in Canada, or with mission organizations overseas. In the last year 3 graduates began instructing at different flight schools in Canada, 2 became pilots for air-ambulance companies, 3 took on support roles in flight companies while they wait for flying positions. Another 3 graduates entered into mission service and several more began the initial application process with mission agencies. Our prayer is to continue sending out mature followers of Christ who will impact those around them and further His kingdom!MAF Kodiak TourRecently we had the privilege of welcoming a team from the MAF Canada office to Three Hills. They were on a tour of western Canada promoting the work of MAF and showcasing the Kodiak aircraft that is used to serve in developing parts of the world. We were thankful for a good turnout with 50 people from the community and school.Family UpdateThank you to all who prayed for Dorilee during her time in hospital and recovery from her serious infection. We continue to praise God for His mercy in sparing her leg. Although she still experiences some pain and discomfort, she is able to walk normally again.We are thankful that Grace has been accepted into The Master’s University in California and is able to go on nearly full scholarship! She is enjoying working in the meantime. The rest of the kids have been enjoying soccer season and are excited to be nearly finished with the school year.As we look toward summer we are expecting a few out of town visitors, as well as the arrival of two new MAF families that are joining our team. One family has been working in Zambia for a decade and the other in PNG for about 20 years. We thank God for the great experience and passion they will bring to the ministry here in Three Hills!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

Kalvin & Dorilee Hildebrandt

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