May 2, 2017

News From Saipan


I made it!

This time we are in a better accommodation than last time, but the 2 houses rented are not that close together. "Singles" are sleeping in one house, and join the "couples" and the director, where they are residing, for the meals.

We are doing a "new build" of a house that was torn to pieces from the hurricane in 2015. The lady is in a wheelchair, so we'll make the house "accessible". At present the owners are living with relatives.

This is the site I'm working on with a crew of 6-8 fellows. One with much experience, the rest is younger and skills range from medical student to engineer to carpenter helper. But most have a good attitude toward work assignments. Temperatures ranges between 30-40 degrees. Very draining...

I took some time on Saturday and did a tour around the island. The above photo shows one of the many picturesque sights on this island.

Thank you for your prayers!

Ben Wall 

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