April 11, 2017

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Flying the ‘straight path’

Thus says the Lord: “Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; then you will find rest for your souls.” Jeremiah 6:16

Lately, I have thought a fair bit about pathways. When planning a flight, a pilot’s attention quickly turns toward the path or route he/she will fly to reach the destination. They will ask questions like: ‘Can I fly directly, or do I need to avoid certain areas? How far am I going and how much fuel do I need? Can I get there safely with today’s weather?’ These are all important questions to answer in order to ensure a safe arrival. At PCMA we often talk to students about ‘Situational Awareness’ which we use to challenge students to remain vigilant about their surroundings and not become complacent or distracted as they fly. It’s critical to understand the dangers at each point along their route and be prepared to act when needed. When we look at the world around us, it’s sad to see how many people are wandering through life without clear direction or understanding of the path they are on and where it will take them. The course of this world leads to many hidden dangers and eventually spiritual death. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are so blessed to be on a path that leads to eternal life! The Scriptures often describe believers as being on a ‘straight path’. This way does not guarantee a life void of troubles, but it does mean we have a clear view of the goal ahead. As believers, we are promised that we do not have to walk the path alone and that we will eventually reach our glorious eternal destination. The challenge for us is to remain vigilant through the study of God’s Word so that we recognize what the straight path looks like and are not confused or distracted by the lures of this world.

Thank you for your support in the ministry of MAF here at PCMA. It allows us to continue building into the lives of our students for the glory of God!

Growing Partnership

For approximately 20 years MAF has been sending families to support the flight training department here at Prairie. We are currently exploring ways to grow this partnership in order to further increase the impact of the ministry. We are excited about opportunities God is bringing to the school and hope to share more about them as they are established.

Please keep praying for Chad

Although we’ve been back in Canada for 3 1/2 years, we still receive news from the MAF-Chad program and pray for them regularly. The program has enjoyed several years of increased outreach throughout the country, but has faced strong opposition in the last half year. MAF made the decision in November to suspend all flights in the country due to demands placed on MAF to pay impossible fees due to an illegitimate audit. Families were sent back to their home countries while a resolution process was begun. God has intervened in amazing ways by providing key church leaders the opportunity to meet with the Minister of Finance, as well as the President of Chad. The impact of MAF discontinuing flights has been felt strongly by a number of organizations so they have made their transportation struggles known to the government. Please uphold the missionaries who have been affected, as well as the officials working on a new audit of the program. We know God uses all things for His glory!

Time in hospital

Several weeks ago Dorilee developed pain in her right leg and was told it was tendonitis. After two further days of increasing pain and swelling doctors realized she had a bad infection. She was rushed to Red Deer where specialists immediately began testing her for flesh-eating disease. After 3 surgeries on various parts of her leg it appears surgeons were able to remove all of the infection however are not sure exactly what she had or how she contracted it. Because of this, they have kept her on a prolonged treatment of antibiotics. We are so thankful to God that after 2 weeks in hospital she is doing much better and she is expected home any day. Please pray for complete healing.

Donor Update

We are often asked by donors how our support level is doing. The truth is we are continually amazed at God’s provision through so many faithful supporters. As a result were able to end last year fully supported! The reality however is that costs go up every year so MAF’s minimum support amounts increase accordingly. This means that we are currently a little short of the minimum requirement and we are trusting the Lord to provide the increase. If you feel that you are in a place to contribute, we invite you to contact the MAF office or simply go to: www.mafc.org/missionaries/hildebrandt

Thank you so much for standing with us and for your prayers on behalf of this ministry!

In him,

Kalvin & Dorilee Hildebrandt

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