July 20, 2017

Ministry Has Its Challenges


Greetings from Papua New Guinea. How is your summer going? We trust that you are enjoying these warmer months and longer days. We are in dry season here so the nights are cold and the days are hot.

Once school is out the end of May the Lapilo centre here becomes sparsely populated in comparison to the rest of the year. The challenge that we have faced this year is that the department that I am managing has also been sparsely populated with trained workers. Some of the departures were expected but one of the guys that I work with is dealing with an illness that has limited his ability quite a bit and then one of his sons got sick as well.  Please join me in prayer for Mark and Emma Dabrowski and family.  With Mark not able to function in the department we are down to one other missionary plus myself. Please be praying for us as we try to keep things up and running. On a positive note, we do have Brian and Rachel Montei, on loan from Friends in Action, who will be moving up from the Sepik to help out here at Lapilo. That will be a major blessing for us.

Over the next 3+ weeks I will be traveling a great deal. This coming week Stephen and I will be heading in for a 1 week trip to Malaumanda. As we have mentioned previously the church there is wanting to rebuild their church building in a new location and we will be going in to help with that project. Unfortunately, there has been another situation within the church that will need to be addressed. One of the wives of one of the leaders has fallen into sin and this sort of thing is always a challenge to deal with; not to mention heart breaking. Please be praying for the Malaumanda church leaders and myself as we talk with all parties involved and seek to reconcile marriages and ministries.

Right after we get home from this trip Judith and all three boys will be joining me for a 5 day road trip into the Dom and Kuman tribes for a culture and language acquisition visit with 2 different missionary couples. It is always good to get off the centre here with my family for a change. We will be driving farther up into the Highlands here which are beautiful. We would ask that you pray for safety during our drive as the roads are terrible. PNG just finished a country wide political election so pray also for peace as the province that we are traveling to is known for sometimes violent reactions to their candidates losing.

Once we get back from that trip then we'll be at Lapilo for 2 days before I head out again (by myself this time) for another CLA visit; this time down in the Sepik. I was in the Wabuku tribe earlier this year to help this team kick off their language and culture study. This will be their first evaluation and we trust that we will be able to give them some good direction so as to speed them on in this huge task. Please pray for wisdom and endurance and health during the end of this busy time of traveling. 

We so appreciate your prayers and the gifts that continue to allow us to minister here in PNG. We do feel pressed on many sides but at the same time we sense that the Lord is with us.


Eric and Judith, Stephen, Daniel and Timothy

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