March 10, 2017

March Madness


Well, I suppose 'Madness' might be a bit over the top as a description for this current month but we do have a lot of things going and many things for you to be praying about.

School is out for the boys as of today. They actually are getting out a day early as we are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning (4:40am departure from the house) to fly down to Wewak for Sepik conference. This is something that we always look forward to as we get to see so many friends and co-workers from our years down there. Pray that we will have a good and refreshing time at conference as these past couple of months have been difficult in many ways.

The day after conference we will be flying in to Malaumanda for a visit. This will be the first time that we have been in there as a family since we had the Bible dedication back in 2015. As you may remember, Stephen and I went in for a visit last fall for a week which went well. This time around I am sensing that there are some 'issues' that will need to be discussed within the church. In particular, please be praying for my discussions with two of the deacons, Kabo and Tome. Both of these men and their wives are dear friends but we have heard that they are not getting along at the moment. Conflict within the church and within the leadership team can certainly happen but we will trust that the Lord will give us the wisdom to help them resolve their differences. As much as anything I am wanting to disciple the church leaders in such a way that they will be able to better deal with these sorts of things in the future.

Once we get back from this trip then it will be a short 4-5 days before the last school term starts for the boys. This final 8-9 weeks will see many changes to the department that I am working in here at Lapilo, but more on that in our next note.

Sorry that we don't have more pictures in this note. We'll have a lot to put into our next update once we get back from Malaumanda.
Thanks so much for your prayers,

Eric and Judith, Stephen, Daniel and Timothy Hedeen

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