August 10, 2017

Last Update From 25,000 Feet



As I said in my last update, Amecet is a home for babies that lose their mothers in childbirth, children that have HIV and unwanted children. I had an amazing time working at Amecet. It had been a few years since I had even changed a diaper so I was interested to see how I would do at Amecet. Surprisingly, it took no time at all for me to learn how to care for the babies. Most days my accessories consisted of vomit and diarrhea and I didn’t even mind. My time there was spent playing with the children, feeding them and giving them medication. Amecet is often a very joy-filled environment, but there were also some very tough times. During my month there three of the children passed away either from AIDS or a brain tumour. This made me ask many questions. What did these children do to deserve such a shortened life? It wasn't their fault that they were born with HIV, had their mothers pass away during delivery or unwanted by their parents. Though these times were hard, they ultimately drew me closer to God. 

(Playing with Leya, a twin whose mother passed away during delivery.)


For my last few weeks in Uganda I worked at SWAR, the home for ex-prostitutes. Working at SWAR was one of the most challenging and fulfilling experiences of my life. I was challenged to get out of my comfort zone through leading devotions every morning and learnt to love people the way God loves us, regardless of their past. I was able to comfort and encourage one of the women with AIDS on her deathbed, that had completed the SWAR program a few years ago. I found out when I had left Uganda that she passed away. God really demonstrated His ability to turn my weakness into my strength.


This has definitely been the hardest goodbye I've ever had to say. I grew so attached to the culture, the people, the environment and have grown exponentially during my time in Uganda. If I wouldn't have been so impacted by everyone I met than I wouldn’t have had such a hard time saying goodbye. 

(Cuddling with Jessica, a toddler unwanted and abused by her family.)


For the Year For God debrief, the five other teammates and I flew to YWAM Cambridge. It was so helpful to talk about and begin processing the things we had experienced during our time in Uganda. Debrief time in Cambridge really helped me prepare to come home and ease back into my culture. 


My family joined me for my Year For God program graduation in Cambridge, England and after that we spent some time traveling around Europe together. Although I often had bouts of culture shock, I had a wonderful time in Europe. 

(Year For God graduation. From left. Elli (India), Joelle (Uganda), Georgia (India), Me (Uganda), Anna (Uganda), Anna (Uganda), Sam (Uganda), Leslie (Uganda))


I'm currently writing this update on my flight to Abbotsford as this is the only time I have found in the past two months. I'm glad to have some time to rest when I get home. I'm excited to have many more Years For God in the future. 


Once again, thank you so much for everyone that prayed for me during my trip. I definitely felt covered in prayer! Thank you to everyone who wrote me encouraging messages and to everyone who so generously gave to my trip financially. You were all a big part of my year in Uganda and I couldn’t have done it without you all! It has been an incredible adventure with God which has changed me in many ways and I am thankful for all the opportunities I’ve had. I know I will continue to reflect and learn from my time in Uganda for years to come. If you have any questions, or would like to know more, get in touch. 

Doris Teichrieb

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