March 21, 2017

Kalinga at Last


Two weeks ago I landed here in Kalinga.  My first impressions as we drove from the airport to the city of Tabuk was that it was absolutely beautiful. The region is  home to many  rice fields nestled in the valleys of lush green mountains. The scenery never gets old. Every morning when I sit out on the balcony and see the sunshine on the rice fields and the mountains in the background, I am awestruck.

(View from the roof top patio of the clinic.)

Although Tabuk is larger than I was expecting, it is still rural city. I am learning to live without the connivence of a washing machine and hot showers. I am adjusting to going to sleep to the sound of geckos laughing as they run across the walls and  waking up each morning to a choir of roosters outside my window. My days are spent working shifts in the clinic, eating rice, building relationships with the midwives and the girls I live with, eating rice, the occasional trips to the market to buy fresh mangoes and did I mention eating rice?

(Market day.)

Although it is very exciting to settle into my new home, fun to explore a new place and experience new things, the last couple weeks have also been difficult. I have had many moments of loneliness, times of  frustration as I  adjust to a different culture and feelings of doubt that I have what it takes to thrive here. But God is good. He reminds me daily that His mercies are new every morning and that He alone sustains me. I know there will be more hard days ahead but I rest in the fact that I serve a God who is bigger than any challenge I will face, a God who is always with me and a God who is strong in my weakness.

(Abundant Grace of God - the clinic where we work and live.)

Prayer Requests:

- Language classes start next week - open mind for learning.

- For opportunities to share Christ with the women I work with in the clinic.

- Meaningful relationships with the midwives I am working and living with.

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