May 30, 2017

It Was The Best Of Times


...and the worst of times

Time is flying by and it is hard to believe that we have entered the back half of May already. This past month has been busy. Our main focus for the last 8ish weeks has been on the antepartum period and how to care for women throughout their pregnancy. Working in the clinic then provides an opportunity to put knowledge to the test with our patients. Although there are many joys that come with life here, in many ways this last month has been difficult for me. I have been dealing with a lot of sickness and I find this very frustrating. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak! On top of that are the day to day struggles of living with so many people, having a lack of personal space, cultural frustrations and loneliness that comes from being away from home. But I was reminded recently that every day has its simple pleasures if we look for them. In the midst of my frustrations and struggles God brings me a lot of joy in the little things; a beautiful sunset, getting a letter in the mail, and hearing a baby cry for the first time.

(View from the ministry centre.)

At the end of April we had the opportunity to spend nine days with a missionary couple in the nearby village of Pacak.  Chris and Cathee and their two children graciously welcomed us into their home and we had a great time being a part of their family and joining them in their various ministries. Village life is quite different than life in the big city of Tabuk. Pigs and chickens run around everywhere, life moves slow and everything revolves around the harvest cycle of rice.

On top of being the youth pastors in the local church, Chris and Cathee are also involved in Bible education, children's programs, and are proactive in starting projects that involve education in sustainable farming and provide the means for those in the village to raise animals in order to generate income and resources. During our stay with them we spent time hanging out with the youth, helping with children's programs, painting in the ministry centre and getting to know the people of the village. It was encouraging to see how god is working and to get a first hand look into what missions looks like on an everyday basis. I came out of our time in the village with a much greater understanding of the culture and the world that many of our patients come from.

(Lunch time!)

Prayer Requests:

- Health. I feel like a broken record but I am sick of being sick

- Patience and joy in living in such close community with others

Julie Janz

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