May 31, 2017

I Saw God


Dear King Road Church,

Your participation in the work that God is doing with Athletes in Action Volleyball is greatly appreciated. One of our goals is to continually think about the global work that God is doing, while also acting locally in the communities we live in. I recently got back from a trip to Paraguay in which we were able to gain insight and participate in the work that God is doing globally. 

(The work site that we had to clear. The ground was full of garbage, more than 4 feet down.)

(The team with the foundation built.)

(Caesar, the blind man who received his sight back, singing thanks to God.)

(Praying for Sean as he shares with a church.)

A few brief highlights from the trip:

  • 6 AIA staff from across Canada came on the trip as well as 5 university athletes from Ontario
  • We hosted an inaugural three day coaching clinic where the focus was on coaching theory (how can a coach use Christ-like values in their interactions with players) as well as on court instruction.
  • We participated in a work project, cleaning up a land plot and preparing a cement foundation which will house a nutrition clinic for kids in the surrounding village. They will receive food, education, sports instruction and biblical training from this station.
  • We were able to participate in two church services (sharing testimonies). It must also be shared that God allowed us to witness and participate in the miracle of a blind man receiving his sight again! Feel free to ask me more about this personally.
  • We were able to see numerous individuals, both in a church and on our team, publically confess their faith for the first time!

My goal for the trip was to reflect each day on how I saw God at work. I experienced this reality more clearly than at any other point in my life over the past 17 days and am excited to know that God is constantly at work. 

(Coaching 4Life conference led by AIA staff Elodie.)

(Recipients of certificates for participation in our coaching clinic.)

(Playing with village kids.)

Upcoming Events

- Our AIA Action Beach Club has opened for the spring.

- Summer camps are just over a month away.

- Vanessa's Graduation takes place in two weeks.

On The Personal Front

We just celebrated our third anniversary!! Amazing how quickly time goes by, as well as how many things have changed over that time. Marriage has been a wonderful encouragement to both of us and we are thankful for the support of family and friends through this journey.

Vanessa is finishing up her in class practicum and her graduation date is in our calendars. The last two months have been extremely challenging and stretching for both of us, but we have also been constantly reminded that as imperfect humans, our strength can only come from a perfect God. We are thankful for the broad shoulders he has to carry all of our burdens.

Prayer and Praise

- Praise for the way we saw God work in Paraguay. Individuals were restored to health both physically and spiritually in front of our eyes.

- Pray for Vanessa as she finishes up her schooling.

- Praise: registrations for spring beach and summer camp are doing well. We are looking forward to another full summer.

- Pray: we are in urgent need for male summer staff. We are trusting that god will provide for us. Please join us in praying for this.

- Pray for the staff and students who have returned from Paraguay to have wisdom when sharing about our experiences as well as opportunities to continue to grow in our personal faith.

Thank you for your partnership! Feel free to pass on any comments or questions. We appreciate those who pass on a word of encouragement every once in a while.

Jason Warkentin

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