March 15, 2017

Guten Tag!


Greetings from Germany! This last month has been quite a busy one for us and we would like to share with you a few of the things that have happened:

At the beginning of February we worked together with Judith Matthies from MB Mission Europe to put on a prayer and worship evening. We invited young people from churches in the area and spent the evening praying for the country of Lithuania. We were able to get some updates and prayer requests from our friends on the Lithuania TREK team for this evening. The hope is to continue to put on such evenings once per month, focusing on a new country each time

The next week Georg took us to visit some refugees that he had connected with during the time when there was a 'receiving centre' near Bielefeld. This centre closed down just before we arrived and the refugees were dispersed all over Germany. We were able to visit an Iraqi family who generously provided us with a traditional meal. They also allowed us to pray for them. Please pray for the father, as his heart health is not good and there are many struggles in trying to communicate with doctors. Pray that God will heal him and that this will point his family to Christ. We also were able to visit a younger Pakistani man that fled to Germany because he left the Muslim faith to follow Jesus after Jesus appeared to him in a dream. It was encouraging to hear his story and also sobering to realize that his family now would rather kill him than see him. You can pray for his family, some siblings are in contact with him and he has shared the Gospel with them a few times.


In the middle of February I (Adrian) went with Annika and Stephanie to Münster for three days to help a missionary that used to belong to the Brackwede church. Hussam and his wife started a church near to us among Arabic/Aramaic speaking people about 8 years ago. Recently they felt God calling them to move on and start the same process in Münster. They are currently in the process of passing leadership of the old church over to the church members and are renovating their new place. They have been living on a 'construction site' since November so we took the opportunity to help them out for a few days and get to know them. We helped where needed, especially with cleaning and painting. I even got to help Hussam install a urinal! It was special for us show up to an Arabic home and be welcomed in as friends (they really are friendly, even if the picture doesn't show it). It is special to be a part of the body of Christ!


The weekend after our return from Münster we put on a 24 hour prayer at the church. The church wanted us to include the children and youth so it started at the time that youth and kids clubs starts on a Friday and went until the next day. Those who participated were encouraged by it and they have asked us to do it again in the next months.

Following an evangelistic week we headed to the North Sea for our team Mid-term Retreat. Sam Dick, our TREK leader joined as from Canada to help us evaluate how things are going and to encourage us for the next few months. He brought along a friend named Georg who is exploring returning to the mission field. Judith Matthies also came along and we were able to benefit from her cooking and organization of our trip. It was good for us to have a two days to rest and reflect on the past few months.

Finally, we just arrived home from the church retreat this past weekend. It was a good weekend to grow closer together and get to know each other better. Over three quarters of the church was there and Jolene and I enjoyed the opportunity to hear more personal stories from people at church. It is surprising how many people never grew up in a church context, even though they have a Mennonite background. As we spend more time here we are discovering more and more the spiritual consequences of the harsh conditions that our Mennonite 'family' experienced in Communist Russia.  

To close, we would like to thank you for praying in response to the email we sent last week. The breakfast with the Yezidi man went well. Georg was able to share the full Gospel with him during this time and we all prayed together at the end. I had the impression that he still didn't fully understand what Georg was sharing with him. He claims that his faith and a faith in Jesus Christ are not very different. Later that same day, he sent five of his kids to our English lessons. They all stayed for our youth program after and heard Sam share a testimony and about our loving Father in heaven. Then this week, another one of his sons said he had dreamed about Jesus! We thank you for your prayers and give God the glory for this! Please continue to pray for this family. Pray that this man would clearly recognize who Jesus is and that salvation would come to his household.

Thank you for taking the time to read and for your support, prayers and encouragement. 

We would love to hear from you!

Adrian & Jolene, & Sofia Warkentin


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