May 16, 2017

Good Timing / God's Timing


Dear King Road Church,

At our recent Power to Change national Day of Prayer, we were encouraged with the words from Romans 12:12, "Rejoice in hope, be patient in affliction and faithful in prayer." The encouragement was that the hope we have, motivates us to be patient and drives us to to continue to pray for it to occur. At AIA, our hope is, "To see a spiritual multiplier in ever sporting community in Canada" and this motivates us through the year and drives us to continually pray for God's leading and guidance.

To be completely, honest, these words have come in a timely fashion as the month of April quickly swallowed up much of my energy and focus. External circumstances, work requirements and a heavy workload started to crowd out the vision and hope of why I do what I do. As always, God was able to provide a simple reminder of trusting in him. May this verse also encourage you in whichever situation you may find yourself in, needing hope, patience or prayer.

Past Events

- I had the opportunity to run our March Madness camp as well as provide teaching for two of our Coaches Corner sessions.

- Vanessa and I were able to attend one day of the AIA West Coast retreat. See pictures below.

- We celebrated the inauguration of a new personal/spiritual leadership development program for athletes in Grade 11 with our first meeting on April 28. We look forward to spending the next 10 months with this group as they learn and grow mentally, physically and spiritually.

- The CBC Bearcat Prowl took place at the beginning of April and had close to 200 runners come out!

- National Training Camp is happening this week in Edmonton and Ottawa. I had the opportunity to participate in this event last year and its shaped a lot of my sports theology.

Upcoming and Current Events

- Our AIA Action Beach Club opens up on May 24.

- The AIA Voleyball staff left for Paraguay to work with Jesus Responde in teaching local church members how to coach volleyball.

On the Personal Front

(The King Road Church team that participated in the Bearcat Prowl.)

Vanessa has a bit left in full immersion teaching and finishes her school practicum May 26! Her Grad is already in our schedules. Both of us have felt the weight of busyness of this time and are looking forward to the camping trips of summer that take us out into nature.

Both of us have also had time to invest into our garden and are hoping to build off of our not so bumper crop from last year. It should be a better one this year as long as we get some sun sometime....

Prayer and Praise

- PRAISE for great opportunities to see athletes take steps in their personal faith (March Madness Camp and AIA West Coast Retreat)

- PRAY for Vanessa as she finishes up her schooling.

- PRAISE for extra finances which have come in to help with covering some of the expenses for our trip to Paraguay

- PRAY for our AIA team of staff as we travel to Paraguay and host clinics teaching local church members how to coach volleyball. 

- PRAY for our patience as we work through a season of customer service with people registering for our summer camps.

Thank you for your partnership! Feel free to pass on any comments or questions. We appreciate those who pass on a word of encouragement every once in a while.

Jason & Vanessa Warkentin

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