March 21, 2017

God Is With Us


Day 6

Day 6 of our missions trip was amazing. To start off the day, we prayed for healing over some of our youth in chapel. It was amazing to see the work of God in each and every one of us. Our youth led worship in the morning, where we praised God with many instruments and sang our hearts out. We all went our separate ways after powerfully praying in groups. Some of us scrubbed buckets, some packaged soup, and some cleaned bathrooms. Of course, we had breaks in between to eat delicious food made by the kitchen staff. After our last shift, all the youth relaxed by the pool, in their rooms, or outside in the hot Californian sun. For dinner in the evening, we had a Love Feast. It was a large feast made by the staff to show their appreciation for our work. The dining room was decorated with candles and a centrepiece on each table. The food was delicious, and we heard from two speakers, who talked about missionary work and the way that God has provided in their lives. To end off the day, us youth had our own worship and sharing time. We could all tell that our worship was purer than even a few days ago. We have all learned so much this week. We shared about what God had done this week and what we have appreciated about working at the Gleaners. Lots of us shared, and I think that it really inspired all of us. Before going to sleep, we prayed in groups. Prayer is always a good way to end a fantastic day. 

Thank you so much for all your prayers. We can feel the power of your prayers guiding us on this missions trip. 


The Scribe 

Day 7

Friday was a bittersweet day for all of us. While we still have a week left, it was sad to think that was our last day with the Gleaners family. 

The day began with a delicious breakfast and at 8 chapel began, singing led by our Roaders team. Since it was our last time of morning worship together, rather than a scheduled speaker the floor was opened for anyone to share about their experiences from the week. I felt very thankful to hear the experiences and many praise items of the other volunteers that week, and it was great to see lots of people in Roaders share as well! We got to work soon after, scrubbing buckets, packaging soup, kitchen help, and weeding. Our team set a Gleaners record for a day with over 500,000 servings of soup sealed and packaged in a day on Thursday, and on Friday we set a record for most servings packaged in a week - over 2,000,000! Shortly After the record was beaten we closed the soup plant for the day and focused on the other jobs for the final hour of work. The team ended the day with cooling off in the pool, a fantastic dinner as usual, and worship and prayer around the campfire. 

Thank you so much for your prayers and support as we move on into the last leg of this missions trip. God is moving and doing incredible, awesome things in this group!!

The Scribe

Day 8

Wow, hard to believe that a week at Gleanings has already gone by! What a blessing and honor to serve there and to know that what we are doing is making such a difference and serving others around the world! Glory to God!! After cleaning and packing up and a wonderful time of prayer with some of the staff and other volunteers, we were off (in the words of Edgar) "on the road again" and heading to San Francisco! After checking into our hotel, we made our way to the Golden Gate Bridge...took us a bit with all the traffic but well worth it...and we were able to take some awesome pictures from the park and even managed a group shot... :) and then a favourite of many... In n Out Burger for dinner!  

Thank you all for your prayers! Please continue to pray for team unity, that we can keep shining for Jesus and being a blessing to others we meet along the way! 

The scribe!

Day 9

We slept at Comfort Inn, and after breakfast we went to 6 Flags Discovery Kingdom. There were lots of different animals to see and roller coasters to ride. Some of us bought souvenirs and took pictures with cartoon characters. The weather was cloudy with occasional sunshine. 

After 6 Flags we drove to Wendy's for dinner, and are currently on our way to the YWAM base in Chico, California. Pray for us as we serve YWAM, that we would do it for the glory of God, and that we would continue to grow in unity and our relationship with God. And for safety and wellness.

The scribe

Day 10

Hello family and friends!

This morning, breakfast was at 7:00 am. Pancakes and sausage were on the menu. The base had their weekly morning worship and Carlos, a base staff member talked about the SST (summer service training) program starting in the summer. The group did many different tasks. Some moved bunk beds, some cleaned the hotel rooms, others dug trenches and did gardening others scrubbed away in the kitchen. This happened throughout the day and finished at dinner. The base in Chico has a wonderful staff that keeps the youth working and serving the Lord. Today we also had our first rain since we left Abbotsford.

Before bed time we had a time singing, sharing and prayer. 

We are doing great!

Will be home in 3 days!

Oh noooo!!!!!!!

The scribe! 

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