March 17, 2017

Day 5


Good evening! 

Today after breakfast, we began our day with an uplifting, chain-breaking, holy time of singing, testimony, and prayer. We all felt the impact of the Holy Spirit stirring us to run our race with more determination and to strip off the weights that have held us back. 

Soon it was time to work, and we headed out to our different stations - bucket washing, the soup plant, housekeeping, weeding, and more. The soup plant did even better than yesterday; with 60,000 more servings! 

We cooled off in the pool after the work was done for the day, and then enjoyed chili for dinner and pudding for dessert. 

Later, some of us spent some time in the prayer room for a "marinade/soaking session," a time during which we prayed and sang and waited on God. As a group, we wrapped up the day with a time of singing and prayer. Now it's time to head to bed and get some rest for the new day that awaits us!

Thank you for praying. Here are a few requests: 

- cheerful and selfless attitudes 

- unity in purpose and goal: to do our best work in order to give the glory to God 

- a good night's rest

Thank you church! 

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