March 15, 2017

Day 4


Hello church!

Family and friends!

Sorry that this update is coming later than usual, we were just so busy I didn't have the time to write it!

Waking up took a little bit longer today because we all knew what the weather was going to look of sun...and that means sun burns... After breakfast and a time of worship and learning we all headed out to our jobs. A new job for this day was cleaning bathrooms...but surprisingly the guys bathroom was cleaner than the girls! I was shocked! Another job was burning wood, and fighting over who got to drive the golf cart around.

After our final shift a couple of us took naps and others went swimming. The water was warmer today because the weather was as well. 

After dinner and free time we worshiped and learned about what it looks like to have God as our foundation in our lives.

Please pray for:

-Keeping God as the centre and foundation 

-Energy and strength 

-Having joyful attitudes 

-Willingness and being happy to serve 


-the Scribe 

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