August 24, 2017

Busy But Good


Dear Friends,
I'm thinking that life is busy for pretty much all of us. Sometimes we don't know if we are coming or going. That being said, Judith and I are so aware that the busyness of our schedules has allowed us to be a blessing to many around us. We couldn't be here serving without you so thanks to everyone who stands with us. Here are a few snippets and some pictures from our latest travels.

For our first trip out of town Stephen and I flew into Malaumanda for a week. The primary reason for this trip was to help the church there to pour a new cement foundation for their church building. This is something that they have wanted to do for quite some time. As you will see from the pictures the project went very well. Now I just need to find the time and funds to get back in to help them put up the actual building so please be praying about this with us. 

In addition to working on cement I was also able to help the church leaders deal with a problem with one of the elder's wives. There was a matter of infidelity which was heart breaking and yet we could see the Spirit's leading as we worked our way through the issues. It was an added blessing to be able to work with church leaders from 2 neighboring tribal groups. Please be praying for this couple; the wife in particular. Ultimately it comes down to needing to develop a solid walk with the Lord.

This trip was further bitter sweet as the younger brother of one of the other leaders was swept away in the river and died. So in the midst of everything else there was a great deal of mourning as well. It was good to be able to be there for this family as they were dealing with their loss.

(What to do when it starts to rain but you aren't done working?)

(How do you pour a 20x50 foot slab of cement? One chunk at a time.)

(The local guys caught on pretty quick as to how you work with cement.)

Consulting trips

Well, our first consulting trip had to be postponed due to some civil unrest in the area that we were to travel to. This was unfortunate though one of the families that we were to visit decided to drive out of the tribe and do the evaluation here in town. There are times when an evaluation out of the context can be a challenge. Not in this case though. Coleton and Shawna Williams did an excellent job on their evaluation and both of them are now ready to start planning how they will go about encouraging the small church in their village. We are excited for them and for how God will use them to minister to the needs of this large (100,00+) people group where many do not have a clear understanding of the Gospel. 

My next trip was a little bit farther away. It took two flights and a 2 hour canoe ride just to get to the village, and this team is on the other end of their culture and language study. They have only been in the bush and learning language for about 4-5 months. These two couples did very well and are right where they should be for that amount of time. As quite often happens, the ladies, who are only doing part time study, managed to stay up with their husbands. We love to see ladies learn the language as the tribal ladies in this location will certainly benefit from the input that these two missionary ladies will be able to give them once they finish up.

While it is nice to get out and see how these families are doing it is also nice to get back home. While I was gone the boys started school and seem to be off to a good start. They don't like homework anymore than they did last year but so far they are doing a good job of it. This year Judith is helping out at the school as well. She oversees a typing class with another lady. I'll try to get a picture of that for next update.

(Sitting in a village house doing an evaluation with Clint and Ashlyn Teele.)

(This is the motor canoe that we took from the airstrip to the village.)

(Jason Cizdziel and myself out wandering in the village. Afternoons are hot and it can be a bit hard to find people.)

One additional prayer request

Several years back Stephen was diagnosed with a mild to moderate learning disability. He has done much better in his ability to focus in the classroom through the use of some medication. We just found out that the clinic here is no longer able to get that medication. There is a different medicine that is available though it does have some possible negative side effects that effect a small percentage of people. We would ask that you pray for us as we try out this other medicine. We do need to find something that will work for him so this is a bit of a concern.

Thanks so much for praying for us. We do appreciate it.

Because of Him,

Eric and Judith, Stephen, Daniel and Timothy

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