July 28, 2017

Birth, Babies and Bellies oh my!


Whether it is doing prenatal check ups, postpartum checks or catching babies, I spend a lot of time in the clinic. Sometimes I feel like I practically live in it... oh wait I do!

The mission of Abundant Grace of God Maternity Clinic is to share the love of Jesus through maternity care to the families of Kalinga. The AGGMC team that I am a part of, consisting of volunteers, staff midwives, administration staff, and a social worker,  provides care in pregnancy, through labour and delivery and six weeks postpartum. Further, seminars are offered in various topics including labour and delivery, parenting, nutrition and violence against women just to name a few.

(One of the clinic's two birth rooms.)

In addition to providing care at the clinic we also often have the opportunity to do outreaches in nearby villages. There are a couple villages that we visit on a regular basis to do prenatals, and post birth check ups. Also included in these outreaches is a short devotional, a health teaching and refreshments.

The demographic of our patients is varied. Some mothers are expecting for the first time, some have five or six children already. Some are older, many are quite young. We serve women from influential families in the community and many who are from much more impoverished places. Some have happy families excited to welcome a new baby, while many come from broken messy situations. No matter what, every woman who walks through our doors is respected, prayed for and loved in the name of Christ.

It really is a joy to be part of what God is doing through the clinic. Just last night I was in a birth and had the role of charting. Not the most exciting job but I took the opportunity to silently pray asking God to renew the mother’s strength and to bring the baby out safely. It had been a long day of labour and everyone in the room was anxiously awaiting the new arrival. I heard one of the other midwives joining my prayers and within a matter of minutes a beautiful baby boy was born. A cheer went up from the group and especially the father who was pretty pumped to find out he had a son. Over the sound of the cheers the baby’s cry rang out. It’s a sound I have heard a multitude of times but it almost brings me to tears every time. There are no words to describe the amazingness of welcoming a new life into the world!

Prayer requests:

- Unity in the team at AGGMC

- Opportunity to share Christ with the patients

Julie Janz

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