August 1, 2017

A Walkathon


Thank you so much for investing with us in the young people of Abbotsford! It really means the world to me, and to those who are being impacted. I see such potential in the lives of the young people we are getting to know, and have so much hope for their futures. These marginalized young people need that hope in order to rise above their circumstances.

About 6 years ago God gave me a vision - a vision of a home where vulnerable youths who had no other place to go could stay, and have ‘parents’ that loved them. So many young people don’t have healthy family relationships. Over 6 years the vision has changed, not in concept, but in how it is being carried out. Instead of having youths stay in our home, I feel sent to go into their world and homes. I believe God wants to help these young people to heal and mend the relationships within their families. Three years ago I asked God to give me the vision for a ‘home’ for the young people, and He showed me a picture of the C21 drop-in center. I questioned God, (imagine my nerve), and He again showed me a picture of the center. I had been thinking of a place with rooms to rest, to play, to do things together and of course a place to share meals. The Verge meets the young people at the C21 drop-in center, which has rooms to rest, games to play, a kitchen and pantry to feed the hungry. (We’re even part of a local community garden!) It is an amazing privilege to be functioning in the role of ‘home’ and ‘family’ with these young people in all these ways. Please keep on praying with us.

As I’ve alluded to, C21 (Christ in the 21st Century) is a drop-in center in Abbotsford. I will never have the right words to describe my love for it, but I’ll try to tell you about this place I call my second home and extended family. My Verge/C21 family has reunions at the drop-in center every week. At these times we may play games, meet up and talk, or resolve issues, which is like most of the families I know. We, as the Verge team, want this to feel like their space because we are being allowed into their lives. The youths and young adults listen to their music and provide a homey feel to the environment. At times we have been called mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, sister, or friend by the youths and young adults that meet at C21. Please be praying for all these continuing connections.

On August 26 we are hosting our 1st Annual Walkathon. With your help we are trying to have 40+ walkers raise $200 each, walking through the neighborhoods we work in. We are hoping to raise $8,000.00 to continue having our C21 center open. Please consider walking with us and/or giving to a walker. To register as a walker, or for more information, please contact Maria Dyck at The form attached is for those interested in walking to raise money. Please be praying with us that this event will be successful and that we will reach our financial goal.

God Bless & With Much Love, Lindsey E. Dyck

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