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Criminal Record Checks

As part of our ongoing commitment to serve our congregation and community well, we have a risk management policy in place at King Road. One aspect is to require a criminal record check of all volunteers and staff who work with children and/or vulnerable adults. Our policies dictate that we complete new checks at minimum every 5 years.

We are now registered with the provincial government Criminal Records Review Program. If you are volunteering at King Road with children and/or vulnerable adults, please complete the following steps:

1. Copy this access code: EZ5ETRAKUG (You will need to enter it on the next page.)

1. Click to access the online criminal record check link. (You will be redirected away from our website.)

This online system requires you to enter some basic information and answer a few questions to confirm your identity. After you have completed the online verification process, your results will be shared (in confidence) with Leonard Klassen, the Administrative Pastor. There is no fee for criminal record checks for volunteers.

Additionally, once you have completed this form, you have the ability to log in (same link as above) and share your results with other agencies where you also volunteer with children and/or vulnerable adults (such as camps).