April 16, 2014

Young Mothers

After my birthday, in July, I begin the countdown to the excitement of Christmas. Nevertheless, Christmas for me starts by participating in the "Samaritans Purse Shoe Box" project. At Christmas it has been a family tradition to make these shoe boxes. I have always loved putting the boxes together, by picking out cute towels, stickers, pencil crayons, a note pad, and the list goes on. It always reminds me to count my blessings and appreciate the little things in life. However, I have always wanted to hand out the shoe boxes myself to the kids in the various countries they are sent to.

In a way, I get the chance to do that through "Young Mothers". I have been able to take the things given to me by the incredible, amazing individuals at King Road, who have put so much love into the things they have given to me, to hand out to the moms. I believe that pictures can say a million things to someone. I also have the same experience when looking into someone else’s eyes. I have seen gratitude, love, and joy in the eyes of the young moms. We (Kahala D. Renillard, Maria Dyck, and I) are running a program twice a month and have met three times. At these drop in sessions for the girls we have been gathering information about what we can do to help the moms out.

Thank you so much, King Road, for praying for this program. I feel the prayers and support. I am also going to be speaking at the Burger Bash happening at Youth Unlimited in Abbotsford on May 3rd. It will be showcasing many other things we are getting involved in. If you are not able to come out and still have questions regarding the Young Mothers program, I would love to have coffee/tea/mate with you.



Lindsey E. Dyck



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