June 12, 2013

When King Road goes camping...

Hello everyone! I’m stopping by today to share with you the amazing weekend we had together with our families from Boys and Girls Clubs.

We had a great time eating together with everyone at dinner time and having the freedom to eat with friends for the other meals. There was always someone around the fire, getting warm or just hanging out! We had great activities for the kids like a scavenger hunt, a craft with yarn and sticks to create a beautiful “eye of God” to remind us of His protection, making and launching rockets with a special Rocket Launcher (some of the rockets even landed in the lake!! ) We waited until it was dark and got to play NIGHT GAMES using glow sticks on our arms and on the ball. Even bumping into each other while running was FUN! Woohoooo!!! 

Every night we gathered around the fire to spend time with God and worship Him. Our God is amazing and He is with us everywhere, even camping! Norbert led us in song and we got to sing in English, German and Spanish – what a blessing to be a part of such a diverse congregation where we can use our diversity, different cultures and languages together  to impact our culture for God! We learned about the importance of interceding for each other . When we pray for others, we choose to be active participants in someone else’s struggle! (Read Gal. 6:2)  We had the privilege to lay hands on the Giesbrecht family to pray for them and bless them as they prepare for their new life in Alberta….we’ll miss you guys! 

Markus shared his heart about how God is calling us as parents to lead our kids in growing a true relationship with Jesus, learning to know and trust Him now as children will make a huge impact in their lives as adults. God has a plan for our kid’s lives! 

Janet shared what a bit of vinegar in a bit of water with baking soda does…it’s an explosion! Bubbles were coming up and could not be contained in the glass anymore! She reminded us that our lives have a bit of potential, and then the Holy Spirit comes in and causes an explosion. The power and love of God working in our lives start to bubble and it overflows from us into everyone around us and it gives us boldness to do what He asks of us!

We learned so much about God, had a chance to visit with other great families and grow closer to one another, I’m sure God has started something new and exciting for our church on this camping trip. Families, we truly belong in this house and we are loved!! I’m soooo happy I could do a dance (oh wait a minute, already did that!!) I’m excited to see what God is going to do next year; everyone, fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be exhilarating!!

A big shout out to the team that made this wonderful weekend a reality and to the moms and dads who helped with the BBQ and with clean up - you rock!!

Together in His service   -Claudia

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