November 4, 2013

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

As has become tradition during this stewardship series, here are some Monday thoughts. Again, as always, weekly handouts can be downloaded here. Sermon audio files are also available (English and German).

First of all, here are the 10 questions I asked at the conclusion of my sermon. Which one nudges you? How will you respond?

1. Where am I tempted to waste time?

2. What is one adjustment I could make to waste less time?

3. Where do I consistently find myself rushing? Why?

4. Do I struggle with being late? What does this say about how I value others?

5. What is something I find enjoyable?

6. How do I take time to rest? Am I getting enough rest?

7. How does the concept of “Sabbath” connect with stewardship of time?

8. What would happen if I lost my watch for a week?

9. Am I clear on my priorities? Does how I spend my time reflect my priorities?

10. Am I too busy? What drives my busyness?

I also thought I might share a few thoughts on what helps me in my time management. Take them for what they are…something that I’ve discovered works for me. You will likely be different in your approach. The key is evaluating what works, what doesn’t work, and then sticking to it. Get help if you need it. Most things are easier when shared with others.

1. I use a task-list. Rather than keep several emails in my inbox, or pieces of note paper lying around, I attempt to put all my tasks on a task-list. I use one that gives me very helpful options in terms of handling repeated tasks, future-dating tasks, etc.

2. I use two calendars (one personal, one work), but I always view both of them at once. If something I have to remember involves a date and time, it goes on the calendar.

3. I walk the parking lot. Okay, this might seem strange, but allow me to explain. When I find myself with a long list of things to do, or a sermon to write, or struggling to keep a clear head, I go for a walk. Sometimes I pray. Other times I think. At times I simply breathe deeply and walk. I find this gives me perspective and reminds me that my time is in God’s hands.

What about you? Any tips to share? Any answers to the questions above? Join the conversation.

Pastor Leonard

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