July 15, 2013

Thoughts from the Berry Field

Three things the Lord has shown me so far:

1. God invites us to trust Him and remain positive even though there are many things that happen that we have no control over. 

So far this season, we have experienced the effects of an overabundance of rain, namely mold, the effects of sudden high heat, namely sunburned raspberries, and an overabundance of little critters, namely bugs. I suppose we should be prepared for all of those things as raspberry farmers, but when they happen, it still throws us for a loop.

2. God delights in showing up and intervening in our lives. 

God has been faithful to help us through the bad situations that arise. We can also see the hand of God in many ways: provision of people to help with picking and machine work, customers who are faithful even when the product is not perfect, only to mention a few...

3. Sometimes the fish come to you.

I did a children's feature in church about being fishers of men the end of June. God wanted to show me through this lesson what an opportunity we have to be fishers of men right on our farm this summer. The "fish" are coming to us! We have many opportunities to hopefully share what Jesus means to us and minister to lonely people.

Janet Janz.

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