August 9, 2013

The Challenge of Moving Away

It has been over three years since the day we moved from Brazil to Canada. What a challenge! So many decisions to make, good-byes to say, new beginnings to make. 

A lot of us move away from our “home” at some point in life. The reasons may vary, but the challenges are often the same: you are far away from family, you have to meet new people and build new relationships, there is a new language to master, a new job to work at, a new culture to learn from, a new climate to live with, among many others. I've encountered many who told me they could never do it, but, well, if you have to, you’ll find a way.

Moving from Brazil to Canada stirred in me various different feelings. I was amazed by the beauty of this part of Canada (and I’m sure this is not the only gorgeous place in this country), the seasons change in such a wonderful way, everything is so organized, people are so polite and you live in a trusting and safe environment. I was also impressed with the generosity I saw in so many, toward us and toward people in need close by and far away. When we first came, we received so much that we hardly had to buy anything. And even now, with our first son, we were blessed with such generous hearts! It is incredible!

On the other hand, what didn't impress me much was the consumer driven society. I noticed people here have so much, but it’s hard to say how much they actually value it. A lot seems to be taken for granted and I’m not sure if people in general know how blessed they are. I know it’s hard to fight against it and to keep an eye on what really matters and to teach our children how to live simple. We, as a family, also have to keep reminding ourselves of that.

And also, there were the things that I missed most from Brazil. Our families, friends, church family and the warmth of the Brazilian people. But how amazed was I when we were welcomed at King Road church from day 1! All the kind words, warm smiles, invitations to homes and to serve at church. It truly helped us through the tough times.

As one having been through an experience as significant as the one we went through, I know how important it was for us when people reached out. I hope we as a church could continue to be a blessing to others, to the ones from nearby and the ones that come from far. To include people in our midst, greet each other with a big smile, bless each other with kind words and even to invite one another to enjoy great fellowship. I hope we could put aside excuses not to do so and find more ways of showing love to people.   

Simone Duck
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