July 11, 2013

The Blessings of Family

Much of this summer's vacation time has been taken up with family. We have four family weddings this year - each of them a good opportunity to connect as family, welcome new members into the clan, and hopefully, extend the legacy of God-honouring parents and grand-parents. Two highlights so far: a week spent in Georgia and South Carolina with two of Lou's siblings and spouses. What a delightful part of the country - filled with history and culture that is so different from ours and yet so enriching. The week ended with us welcoming a new niece into the family and getting to know her family just a little. They too are a ministry family, both dad and granddad are pastors and it was a wonderful blessing to see two Christian families from different parts of North America come together. 

The second highlight was and extended Petker clan gathering in Coaldale, where my paternal grandparents settled after leaving Russia. We met in the old MB church building which is now a museum and had a wonderful time reminiscing and reflecting on the blessings of being a family. A stroll through the cemetery reminded us of the godly legacy that previous generations had left for us, and reminded us also of the responsibility that we have to pass those values on to the next generations. I came away feeling profoundly blessed to be part of a rich family heritage.

Pastor Don

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