June 14, 2013

Summer Dreams

Depending on the day you read this, it may or may not feel like summer outside. But regardless of the temperature, summer officially begins on June 20, 2013 at 10:04pm (PST). You’re welcome for that little bit of trivia knowledge!

When you hear the word “summer”, what comes to mind? I’m guessing things like school holidays, camping, and warm weather are near the top of the list. But what about emptier church services, no Sunday School and youth? A change in our schedules is good; rest is important. Yet, summer should not be a time to vacation from our faith.

With that in mind, the church staff was asked to share a hope/request/dream with the congregation for the upcoming summer. Here are some responses. What would you add? How can we help each other stay connected this summer? What are your dreams for our congregation over the next few months?

“I would wish for at least one meaningful worship time out in God’s good creation for everyone in our congregation.”

“I would hope that summer would be a time in which we consciously recognize anew God's creativity and the beauty of his creation and that this would inspire us to reflect both in our lives and in our worship.”

“That Jesus would remain the center.”

“I would hope that summer would be a time to have a meaningful conversation with a neighbour across the fence…a meaningful conversation that includes God.”

“My hope/dream is that people would take the time to truly experience God.”

“Enjoy! Enjoy the Lord! Enjoy each other! Enjoy the weather!”

Be blessed this summer! We love you!

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